The Journey Begins

Thanks for joining me!

Good company in a journey makes the way seem shorter. — Izaak Walton

Why am I writing this now? Well, I guess because I’ve got a little time on my hands and for a while now I’ve wanted to record who I am to some extent. More specifically as a mechanism to understand myself and the meaning of my life. Not necessarily in a true existential manner, but maybe to validate my belief in personally making a difference to the world and making peoples lives better.

This might just be a record of the influences that have shaped me as a person. The first influence I’ve chosen is the impact of shedding my clothes has had on me.


Obviously my real name isn’t Gamygyn but as a naturist you learn to protect yourself in the mainstream. The Demon Gamygyn is a Fallen Angel and fourth of the 72 Spirits of Solomon. In Hell, Gamygyn is a duke with 30 Legions of Demons. He appears in the form of a small horse and then changes into a human. His voice is hoarse and whispering.

Anyway, a small horse is the absolute definition of my family name. In the middle ages these small horses were the Ferraris of the equine world. A fallen Angel is my alter ego because a long time ago, I initially wanted to be anonymous on a dating website for fear of being badly hurt again. I used a moniker angelgabriel which sort of became a touchstone for me. It was based upon a photograph I had taken on a weekend away on the Gower peninsula with my son and my nephew. An opportune photograph taken when God shone a shaft of light through the gloom on Angel Gabriel watching over the souls laid in the St Cenydd graveyard. Ever since then I’ve had an affinity with angels.

Angel Gabriel high contrast positive 1

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I used angelgabriel on the dating website, although I’m sure it put off more than it engaged, and I used it for art work I started to publish online. Sadly as with most things internet my email address got hacked and I lost the account and name. Happily I didn’t lose any friends or money so no worries. I had to pick a new alter ego and landed on Gamygyn because of the equine connection with my family name and the fallen angel.

My ancestry and my real name prevails on all things horses in the French Royal Court. So there you have it, my nom de plume. I am GAMYGYN.

Continuez à lire mes amis angéliques (read on my angelic friends).